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Talking About The Processing Technology Of Headstone Stone


The Headstones mainly include European Headstones, Japanese Headstones, Chinese Headstones, etc. The red series of Indian red and illusion red, yellow, green, gray and blue series of granite can be used as materials for foreign Headstones, and some foreign Headstones are also used. Use red, white marble. Headstone processing is basically a single machine processing, according to the processing technology can be divided into block processing, block grinding and auxiliary processing. The required equipment mainly includes block cutting machine, drilling machine, grinding machine and other small auxiliary machinery.

(l) European Headstone

The stone is mainly made of pure black, deep red, gray, white and other colors. The stone is hard, the texture is pure, and the processing technology is excellent. The finished product has the same color tone and no cracks and color lines. European Headstones are mainly rectangular, the surface needs to be ground and polished, and the front needs engraving.

(2) Japanese Headstone

The Japanese-style Headstone is the Japanese-style Shouling. Its structure is more complicated than that of the European Headstone. It is usually composed of many single pieces of different shapes, such as a rectangular parallelepiped, a cone, a sphere and various prisms.

(3) Chinese Headstone

Chinese Headstones are simpler than Japanese Headstones, but the Headstones often engrave complex patterns such as line carvings, sinking sculptures, bas-reliefs, high reliefs, and round carvings.

Headstones mainly use black, gray, white and other surface tones with the same color tone, requiring no cracks, scars, color lines and other defects. Due to the difference in shape and size of the Headstone, it is difficult to process with a line drawing device, but it can be processed by a composition process according to its shape. The processing steps are as follows: (1) The diamond circular saw and the hand-cutting machine are used to cut the block material and have a basic contour. When a special shape is required, a diamond bead wire saw can be used. (2) Using manual small machinery (such as double suction cup drilling machine, multi-function stone cutting machine, multi-function stone special chamfering machine and other stone machinery) to process arcs with different radius of curvature, Headstone surface grooves, Headstones The various shapes of the end faces, etc., make the contour substantially shaped. (3) The large plane is ground by a hand grinder, and other small end faces and curved surfaces are ground by a manual small machine. (4) The large plane is polished by a hand grinder, and other small end faces and curved surfaces are polished by a manual small machine. (5) Engraving the surface of the Headstone.

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