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Installation Order And Placement Of Stone Headstones


The most common set of Headstones used in the cemetery is composed of a number of different parts. It consists of seven parts: the monument, the monument, the top of the monument, the cover, the coaming, the slab and the pedal. During the processing and production process, the size ratio of each component must be strictly in accordance with the drawings. More than one centimeter will affect the overall installation and actual effect. More complex Headstones contain hundreds of parts, like a car, which needs Precision instruments can be processed.

After completing the customer’s order, the factory will try to assemble it to ensure that no small parts are missing, and the assembled products are repackaged and ready for delivery.

In the installation process, it is necessary to strictly follow the necessary installation sequence, and you should not make your own clever work. The specific order can be referred to as follows: First, prepare the corresponding raw materials and tools, such as cement, level measuring instrument and other necessary tools; secondly, check The quality of each component must be adjusted or contacted by the manufacturer in case of damage or incorrect size. Thirdly, the joints of the installed Headstones must be cleaned with cement and checked for stability after 7 days. Any parts that are not loose are considered to be installed. The materials used during the period need to be made of special stone binders. If necessary, the gaps should be polished to ensure the aesthetics.

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