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Cemetery Headstone Form Diversity


In recent years, with the increase in the population base and the aging of the population, the annual mortality rate in the country has been rising. In order to solve the problem of the storage and disposal of igneous ashes in the remains, the Regulations on Funeral Management in 1997 stated that “in the area where cremation is carried out, the state advocates the treatment of ashes in the form of ashes storage and other methods that do not occupy or occupy less land” “Content. On the basis of exploring the diversification of ashes treatment in various places, we will further promote the diversification of ashes treatment according to local conditions, and deposit ashes through the establishment of ashes halls, walls, corridors, towers, buildings, pavilions and other facilities to make ashes storage as ashes. At the same time, the local forms have further expanded the ashes (river, lake) burial, ashes planting (flowers) burial, the tombs of the Shutzbury funeral parlour in the United Kingdom, and the tombs are not retained by trees (flower beds). Handling new forms of ashes. The ashes treatment methods in which cemetery Headstones occupy less or not occupy land are gradually accepted by more and more people.

At present, the forms of green funeral such as tree burial and lawn burial have been promoted in many cities in China. In order to save land and beautify the environment, traditional burial and modern methods are better combined. The citizens are more acceptable and the tomb is placed in a green lawn. Accompanied by the grass, the loved ones are integrated with nature. With the development of the times, the progress of society, and the renewal of people’s concepts, more and more people will accept this kind of green funeral in the future. As a planning worker, cemetery Headstones should increase the artistic content in design and management. Considering the combination of urban green space system planning and cemetery construction, it is expected to turn the burial place into a green and lush, fragrant and floating four-season tourist attraction and become a new century. A special ecological funeral culture.

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