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Analysis On The Selection Of Materials For Stone Headstones


The selection of materials for stone Headstones is very particular. The Chinese people have been very particular about the mausoleum since ancient times. In addition to the size and shape of the ancient mausoleums, especially the royal tombs, the materials are also very particular, so the modern stone Headstones are all selected. What are you paying attention to?

China’s red and white weddings have their own colors since ancient times. The choice of Headstones in tombs is generally white and gray and black. In these colors, black is the most solemn, so the stone Headstones are mostly black, and the indoor stone Headstones are extremely A small selection is white.

In addition to the selection of materials, there are also considerations such as texture and enamel. Because the Headstone processing has a loss rate, the selected black stone should avoid some nail lines when cutting, and there are black urchins and cracks. Waiting for stone problems. So what is the best material for stone Headstone selection? That is to make the texture uniform, and the loss of the hole is the finest stone.

In addition to the selection of stone Headstones in the process of processing customization is also very much, the installation of the Headstone before the professional stone maintenance, although the stone is natural traditional stone stone easy to maintain, but the appropriate maintenance can also extend its life, making The decorative effect has become even better.

During the Ching Ming period, there are many rains. The people on the road want to break the soul. Every year before and after the Qingming, there will be rain. The rain can clean the dust on the natural stone Headstones. It is also a kind of respect for nature to the ancestors.

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